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Before becoming a landscape photographer my main passion was astrophotography through a telescope.  This is probably one of the most challenging forms of photography and requires the use of specialist cameras, a powerful telescope with a computer controlled mount, and extreme patience and commitment.  To capture an image of a distant galaxy a large set of individual exposures need to be collected, usually with an exposure time of around 15 minutes each.  These images may have to be collected over several nights.  The individual images are then aligned and stacked on top of each other using specialist software to produce the final colour image.  My photograph of the star trails around Polaris was created using a tripod mounted DSLR camera, which captured a series of forty 30-second exposures which were then combined to produce a single image.  I was very pleased when the BBC Sky at Night magazine included that particular photograph in their Hotshots gallery in the August 2018 issue.  These photographs were all taken from my previous garden in Buckinghamshire.

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